What are the key criteria to international success?

Your international venture will very likely succeed when you can check off the following criteria:

Management team members are “All aboard”.

Expanding into international markets must be a commitment that the entire organization believes in. It is not a temporary solution. Everyone thinking in the same direction creates powerful results.

A solid track record in your home country.

Having an established business model to point to will add to your company’s credibility. Add extra points for an existing client, investor, or business partner whose brand name is recognized and credible in the target market.

Unique value proposition for the target market.

Despite your success at home, you will enter the target market as a ‘no-name’ without a reference basis, so prospects need a compelling proposition to meet with you.

Resources to support the expansion.

Expect to set aside some of your best performers for pre- and post-sales activities, both from the home office as well as on a temporary assignment in the target market.

War chest to see the entire expansion through.

Your international expansion will need 18 to 36 months to come to full fruition. Running out of funds – or patience – halfway means orphaning your international operation.