x | atlantic’s (market entry) planning’ offering provides you with answers to the following crucial questions: How to compete? What are the invest-ments? What are the next steps?

In a short timeframe we jointly explore these questions and to get to the ’80/20′ answers. The sequence of events is:

  • On-site fact finding: this stage kicks off with a set of structured on-site workshops to reveal all important and relevant facts about your business, offerings, the market, and your operations. After-hours, x|atlantic strives to establish personal relationships with the individuals that will support us from your home base. As part of this stage, we also like to spend time in the field with your sales staff and interview some of your key clients.
  • Off-site research¬†and business planning: x|atlantic gathers the missing pieces of information, to craft a strategic (3-year) plan, an action (12 months) plan, and the final management presentation.
  • Go/No Go meeting: The culmination of this stage is the go/no go meeting¬†in which x|atlantic presents the findings and recommendations, roadmap, and action plan.