What is on-demand?

In the incubation stage, x|atlantic builds a beachhead in project-mode: we define and execute work packages with SMART milestones, and deliver these with flexible resources. In the growth stage, x|atlantic transforms this beachhead into a self-sustaining organization.

Why on-demand?

Fast to success: x|atlantic has you up and running in weeks – not just the legal entity, but the entire operation. x|atlantic has access to local partners and individual contributors who are ready, willing, and able to execute. x|atlantic finds and closes business faster through its ties to the local market.
Flexible to seize on opportunities: high uncertainty is a given in the early stages of international expansion. Flexibility is therefore a strategic advantage. x|atlantic’s on-demand approach allows you to quickly scale up or down, mix and match skill-sets as needed or even switch markets altogether.
Capital-efficient: a corollary of the on-demand approach is an estimated 20 % reduction of the bill for your international expansion. Right off the bat, you
avoid headhunters’ fees. x|atlantic maximizes your impact by focusing on those activities that contribute to your success. Finally, we leverage your road-tested
best practices in sales and marketing and tweak them for the local market.
On demand is not ‘testing the waters’: A half-hearted approach to international expansion is a recipe for failure. We expect you to commit to your international expansion and x|atlantic matches your commitment.