Business expansion services

Creating pull

The right story told at the right time and for the right audience brings valuable attention. x|atlantic develops and runs focused campaigns using primarily Online and Social Media to engage with your buying persona and nurture them into qualified prospects.

Building revenue

Successful selling is all about understanding the local customer’s needs and demonstrating your value – as in your home-market. x|atlantic leverages the sales best-practices that work at home, engages with local decision makers, and turns your value proposition into profitable revenue.

Exciting clients

The impact you produce for your clients is what ultimately breeds success. x|atlantic strives to turn every single engagement into a triple-R client: Reference, Referrals, and Repeat (business).

 Front line management

No team can succeed without a leader. x|atlantic front-line management services ensure execution of your international expansion plan against budget and targets – with minimal management distraction.

Building infrastructure

Infrastructure in itself does not confer long-term strategic advantage. x|atlantic sets you up with the right infrastructure, whether it’s a bare-bones virtual workplace or a posh office at a prime location

Governance and compliance

Retain maximum control over your foreign subsidiary, mitigate risks, and ensure legal compliance. x|atlantic explains the lay-of-the-land, recommends competent partners, and works with them side-by-side.