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The single best way to generate B2B leads on a shoestring budget

InMail: your best Lead Generation bet Just imagine: you have a tiny budget to grow your (B2B) Business. How do you spend your scarce, hard-earned marketing money to get into accounts and close these new crucial deals that will make your business soar? My recommendation is a direct and ‘warm’ approach via LinkedIn’s ‘InMail’ feature….

Anti-fragility and the Chaos Monkey: this is what IaaS is all about!

All this money, and brains too One of my favorite non-fiction authors at the moment is Nassim Nicholas Taleb. His claim to fame: he foresaw the meltdown of the Financial System – pre-2008.  In his books ‘Fooled by Randomness’ and ‘The Black Swan’ he makes a very compeling case that our current financial system is…

2013 B2B Marketing Plan-o-Gram Template

Get your copy of the 2013 B2B Plan-o-Gram templates. This document will help you plan tweets, Facebook promotions, LinkedIn updates, emails and more to amplify your content and coordinate your messaging. See on

The 5 Commandments of Social Media B2B Lead Generation Bliss

Amen? Your website can be a great, cost-effective tool to attract and nurture B2B leads. How to reach this state of lead generation bliss?  Pay obedience to the following 5 Social Media Commandments & sing Hallelujah! 1st Commandment - “Thy shall offer great content” You catch flies with honey, not with vinegar. Use this deep biological wisdom…

Rev it up: building the ultimate sales machine. Part 2 – building revenue

Introduction This is the second installment – titled ‘Building Revenue’ – on how to build a B2B revenue engine for High-Tech products and solutions. You can find the first Installment 1 – “Creating Pull” – here. Is it all about people? Building revenue is 80% art and 20% science: the success of high-performing sales organization…

Rev it up: building the ultimate sales machine. Part 1 – lead generation

Introduction You have to excuse me for my gear-headedness, but I have spent 8 years of my career in Detroit. In Motown, acceptable topics for polite conversation with strangers at a birthday party are the latest car-models or the woes of supplier so-and-so. B2B sales organizations show lots of similarities with engines. The Ultimate Sales…

What is Infrastructure as a Service?

What is IaaS? Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) means that you can rent a computer plus storage capacity via the (inter)net and only pay for what you use. The ‘compute’ power delivered via IaaS is available immediately – as in ‘as-fast-as-you-type-your-credit-card-details’ – and there are no technical limitations (only financial) to the number of machines that can be…