The 5 Commandments of Social Media B2B Lead Generation Bliss

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Your website can be a great, cost-effective tool to attract and nurture B2B leads. How to reach this state of lead generation bliss?  Pay obedience to the following 5 Social Media Commandments & sing Hallelujah!

1st Commandment - “Thy shall offer great content”

fly catching tape

Come & taste my honey

You catch flies with honey, not with vinegar. Use this deep biological wisdom to your advantage. Offer great content on your website that is unique and provides lots of goodness (insight, education, and entertainment). Leads will flock to your website and stick to it.

 2nd Commandment - “Thy shall be found”

fallen tree

Did anyone notice?

3rd  Commandment - “Thy shall not babble about thou self”

It’s about ‘You, yourself, and yours!

You don’t have to be Dale Carnegie to understand that incessantly yepping about ‘me, myself and I‘ is not a great conversation-starter. Is your website about what your customers and prospects are yearning for – or does it resemble an entry for the award for ‘the industry’s most obnoxious self-obsessed player’?

4th Commandment - “Thy shall be social”

Pimp my website, Baby

5th Commandment - “Thy shall call to action”

This is where you’re finally getting selfish. After all, the whole point of building awesome content and shout  from the rooftops , is to build up a nice, fat pipeline of leads and prospects. The ‘Call to action’ is the hook to achieve that, and it looks something like this: “Did you like my 10 tips on how to motivate your team? Well, here’s my the definite & awesome whitepaper  on leadership,  why don’t you give me your e-mail address in return? “ 


This article was written by rondekko